Vans Syndicate Pack by Gabe Morford

John January 7, 2009 1

Check out these special edition Half cabs, Eras and Slip ons courtesy of Gabe Morford.  Anyone who skates or rides bikes knows who Gabe is.  He is known for his skateboard photography in Thrasher Magazine and work with the Deluxe out in San Fran.  He is also well known for his work in his fixed gear bike film, MASH.  He is a cool dude, and his Syndicate pack very heavily reflect that.  All of these sneakers look great, and I honestly want every pair in this pack.  Each of these models are made with a variety of unique durable materials such as kevlar and Benecke Ceraprene…whatever that is.  These shoes also feature a Dri-Lex lining which makes this one of the most durable Vans ever to be released.  As if the shoes weren’t enough, each pair comes with a cotton shoe bag, extra laces and a tool bag for biking tools.  These sneakers are available now at shops with Vans Syndicate accounts, so keep an eye out for them and other Vans sneakers for sale in the shop.  Check out the Era and Slip on Below.

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