Adidas Skateboarding – The Ciero, Mark Gonzales

John February 5, 2009 0

Adidas…I like Adidas…and one of the main reasons I like Adidas so much is Mark Gonzales.  The guy is an amazing artist, poet and skater…pretty much revolutionized modern day street skateboarding.  Anyways, I guess this is a shoe website so we’ll stick to the details of the shoes.  These sneakers were designed by Gonzales.  Being that Gonz has been with Adidas for so long, it wouldn’t be right to say this is a collaboration, because in my mind…he is Adidas.  With the Ciero, he has definitely made it his own with an interesting blue on black paint splatter that evokes palm trees and other exotic shapes…This will definitely promise to be one of his most stylish and wearable sneakers he has designed.  The black suede upper features blue accents beyond the paint splatters which just so happen to match a hoodie and t-shirt which will be released along with the shoes.  This package is part of the Spring 2009 collection from Adidas Skateboarding, so we will let you know when these sneakers actually drop…until then, check out the other Adidas sneakers for sale.

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