Nike SB Teen Wolf Dunk Low

John February 3, 2009 0

We all know Nike is famous for coming out with really interesting concept sneakers, they never disappoint in that department.  Here is a preview of an upcoming Dunk low that draws inspiration from the classic movie, Teen wolf, starring Michael J. Fox.  Probably the most noticeable feature of these sneakers is the random fur throughout the toung and heel of the shoe, giving it that werewolf feeling.  The yellow and blue panels are also very nice and appealing.  This sneaker is definitely reminiscent of the 3 bear series Nike put out a while back with the fuzz all over.  There are a lot of mixed opinions on this sneaker, but whatever it may be…you can’t argue that it is different and creative, and im sure thats exactly what they were going for.  I’m sure these will be worth tons either way…keeep an eye out for these and other Nike SB sneakers for sale.

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