5Boro x Vans Sneaker

John March 17, 2009 0

Pretty hyped on these sneakers…this is the newest collaboration between OG skate shoe brand Vans, and East Coast powerhouse skateboard company 5Boro.  Anyone on the East coast who knows anything about true skateboarding knows who and what 5Boro is.  5Boro is one of the main reasons for skateboarding’s growth and popularity in New York City.  Legendary skater, Steve Rodriguez is the man behind the company so you know it is in good hands and also that there is no chance of this brand souring.  I really respect Vans for supporting and believing in smaller, more ‘core’ companies like 5Boro.  Not only does this sneaker represent awesomeness but it looks pretty sick too.  The sneaker is composed of mainly black suede with red accents throughout the shoe, along with the 5Boro logo along the side panels.  The shoe laces are also pretty cool…the 5 individual boroughs of NYC printed repeatedly along the laces.  The Vans stripe is the only non suede on this shoe; the stripe is a nice black leather.  These should be available now so go out and pick them up!

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