Nike SB Dunk Low, Toxic Avenger

John March 24, 2009 0

Check out these new sneakers coming out of Nike sB.  These are the Toxic Avenger Dunk Lows.  These sneakers are a collaborative effort between Nike and NJ Skateshop…thus the name Toxic Avenger.  This is a pretty crazy sneaker but still pretty awesome.  It looks like a pretty much all leather sneaker, with the side panels being primarily dark brown, tan with a red swoosh cutting between the two.  The sole looks to be a nice minty green…I like it.  Oh well, this isn’t the final version of this sneaker, but should be pretty similar to the actual version that will be released sometime later this year.  In the meantime, check out some of these other Nike SB Dunks for sale out of eBay.

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