Nike SB Gucci Dunk Hi, Team Manager Series

John March 26, 2009 0

You may have heard about this sneaker if you are at all into sneakers…the Nike SB Gucci Dunk Hi…this is a really, really sick sneaker.  It is even more sick if you know who is behind this sneaker.  If you are at all into skateboarding than you most likely have heard of Girl Skateboards…arguably the sickest skateboard company out there.  Originally, this shoe was going to be part of the Team Manager series, and this one was designed by the people at Girl, specifically Kelly Bird…who is also the brand manager over at Lakai which is probably my personal favorite shoe brand.  Anyways, Lakai is part of Crailtap, which is the distribution company which also houses Girl Skateboards…sooo being that the guys at Girl Skateboards were working with Nike SB, Lakai was not too happy.  Lots of drama with this sneaker, but it is definitely a nice looking shoe…certain to be a collectors item worth a lot!

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