Supra Suprano High, Purple Foil

John March 9, 2009 0

I know, I know, you are probably sick to death of looking at Supra Sneakers…it seems like we have at least 2 updates on Supra every week…and we do, they are always coming out with the sickest sneakers and they are all very worth talking about.  Like the red Deathwish Suprano Highs, these stand out like a sore thumb.  This is Jim Greco’s pro model shoe, and if you know anything about what kind of person Jim is, you know that he sticks out just as much, if not more.  These sneakers might not be recognized as skate shoes at first glance…metallic foil generally hasn’t been known for being a superb skate shoe material like suede or leather…but skating aside, these shoes are definitely bangin.  The shimmering foil colorway is very, very cool…the foil covers pretty much the entire upper of the sneaker.  It has a white sole with black stitching for that extra detail.  Another great thing about these shoese is that the strap is removable…which many of you out there may prefer.  These bad boys are already all over eBay…Check out these auctions for the Purple Foil Suprano below.

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