Vans x Bad Brains Sk8 Hi

John March 3, 2009 0

Here is a sneaker I can really appreciate and be stoked on.  This is the latest special edition Sk8 Hi from Vans…like the past musically inspired Sk8 Hi’s like the Iron Maiden’s, these pay homage to another really, really, really sick band…BAD BRAINS.  These bad boys feature a bright yellow lightning bolt across both side panels which is an obvious reference to the band’s self titled album, Bad Brains.  This was a very special and talented group…they were made up of four African Americans that became one of the first bands to be influenced by all forms of music; reggae, hardcore, rock and most notably punk.  They also had a great message to accompany their music…they were known for standing up against racism.  This band has blurred the line between music and skateboarding in many instances, but most recently in the Lakai Footwear video, Fully Flared.  Their song, “Don’t Bother Me,” played during Anthony Pappalardo’s part…one of my favorite parts in the video.  Check out Anthony’s part in the video below and enjoy the aggressive, and enjoyable sounds of Bad Brains…and pick up their sneakers…i’m sure they’re getting a cut somehow.

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