ALIFE Everybody High, Gum Sole

John April 13, 2009 0

ALIFE always comes through with some really sick and stylish kicks…these gum sole Everybody Highs were supposed to come out a while ago, but for whatever reason didn’t quite come out on time.  These are some pretty cool looking sneakers…they kind of remind me of a pair of iPath’s…if any of you remember those shoes…I’m pretty sure they went under maybe a year or so ago…or maybe they’re still around.  Oh well, they were real earthy, kinda like this colorway…prety sick though.  Oh well, these are the new Everybody High’s…this sneaker is primarily suede with some instances of leather throughout the shoe.  The side panels feature a perforated suede so these will feel pretty nice in the summertime.  Oh well, sick shoes…check out some auctions on eBay for other  colorways of the ALIFE Everybody High.

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