ALIFE, New Sneakers for Summer and Spring 2009

John April 1, 2009 0

ALIFE is another one of those brands that we just love on Sneaker-Supply…they always come out with some really tight colorways and have some really great designs…the Everybody Midis another one of my personal favorites that these guys put out.  We are starting to see more and more releases that are scheduled to be released under their Spring and Summer collection for 2009.  Pictured to the left are 3 of the different models that will be seen a lot in the up-coming months…the Cup Court, the Public Outrage lowtop and, of course, the Everybody Mids.  I am real feeling the Public Outrage…it’s got that oversized sole which gives it a Half-Cab sort of feel to it; they look like they would probably skate very well.  They are made up of canvas…so they are sort of like an Authentic meets Half-Cab…thats a pretty good description, I think…the Public Outrage will be available in blue and yellow.  The Cup Court is an all leather sneaker, mostly made up of white with accents of green on the laces and throughout the tongue.  The new versions of the Everybody Mids are also a mostly all leather sneaker and will be released in both blue and red.  ALIFE is definitely on their game this season and bringing some really tight sneakers to the table.  Look out for all these ALIFE sneakers coming out for sale in the next few weeks…eBay is always a good place to start looking, check out the ALIFE sneaker auctions below or check out some other listings on eBAY in the ALIFE Sneaker section of our eBay store.

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