Neighborhood Cobra Slip On

John April 11, 2009 1

I am a sucker for anything super comfortable and something that looks really chill and laid back.  I also really enjoy any sneaker that parallels vans, especially the slip on…if done correctly.  In the case of Neighborhood Apparel, they did a very good job creating this slip on sneaker.  This is the Neighborhood Cobra Slip on.  This sneaker is all suede wish a huge vulcanized sole…this is probably the most distinguishable feature of these sneakers that differentiates them from a Vans slip on…this sole looks more like a converse sole.  One other cool feature about these slip ons that really set them apart from the rest is the heel.  The heel features their registered trademark which just gives the whole sneaker that extra little something. Check out a few more pictures of these shoes below, checking out the insole and bottoms…this is a really sick looking sneaker, i really really want it for the summertime.

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