Supra x KR3W “Franchise” Vaider

John April 20, 2011 0

krew supra franchise pack

Supras is still making some hot sneakers…haven’t heard much from them lately or keeping up with them that much, but these classics deserve another mention…this is the Supra “Franchise” Vaider high…this shoe came about back in 2010 when Supra collaborated with its sister company, Kr3w.  This sneaker takes inspiration from both companies to create a great looking shoe.  This Vaider features frayed krew denim on the upper panels with a nice white and black vulcanized sole for good, grippy skating…the denim, on the other hand, might not be that good for skating…regardless, this still makes a sick shoe to chill in…maybe bieber will start rocking these anyways, check out some of these supra x krew franchise vaiders for sale through the following eBay auctions:

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