Vans Vault Eco Pack, Chukka Boot LX

John April 6, 2009 1

Alright, we have mentioned this ongoing Eco Pack that Vans has been putting a lot of effort into lately.  We’ve already looked at one model from this collection, the Vans Eco Era LX.  I think this is not only a great idea, but a great move on the part of Vans…capitalizing on all of this ‘going green’ excitement going around where ever you look…the sneakers don’t look too bad either. The sneaker consists of mostly a mix of cobbled woven fabrics…and the colorway is pretty earthy yet still extremely wearable.  The front panel and tongue is black, along with the lining around the heel.  The side panel and heel is a light brown.  And, like always these sneakers feature an awesome vulcanized sole, which is what I always love about most Vans…if you skate, skate a vulcanized sole…way better.  Keep an eye out for these to be released soon.

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