New Nike Air Yeezy Colorway, Net/Net

John May 19, 2009 0

Well here it is, this is the next colorway to be released for the NIke Air Yeezy.  I’m sure you all remember the splash this sneaker made when it was released a few weeks ago…i have a feeling this will be a pretty similar situation.  You can look forward to this colorway dropping in about two weeks, which should be the beginning of June…but word is that some stores have already started to receive shipments of this colorway…how do you think we are seeing this very nice and clear photos.  This colorway is known as Net/Net and features a net color leather midfoot strap rather than the Y shaped strap we had seen on the older colorways…and I think I might like this version better.  Keep an eye out for the Nike Air Yeezy Net/Net to go on sale at your local sneaker stores, should be out in the next week or two.  If you are still looking for some of the older versions of the Nike Air Yeezy for sale, just follow the link to view some of the Air Yeezys available through eBay.

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