Nike SB Quickstrike – Miller High Life Dunk Low

John May 12, 2010 0

Check out the latest Nike SB Quickstrike release for the month of May…this is the “Miller High Life” Dunk low and this is a wonderful concept.  Think about it, Nike SB has already done a shoe for Heineken…the Heineken Dunk Low…so it would only make sense for another beer related sneaker concept.  Personally, I would have thought Nike would do a shoe for PBR before Miller High Life…I mean, PBR is the hippest beer out right now, and hipsters love their SB’s.  Anyways, these sneakers were initially dubbed the “Marvin the Martian” Dunks when the first sample pictures surfaced on the internet…but it was eventually released and dubbed with the theme of the “Champagne of Beers.”  The colorway of the Miller High Life Dunk is really sick…it obviously takes its inspiration from the beer and features a suede and perforated leather upper in the trademarked colors of green, black, red and gold.  There are many very cool aspects of this sneaker, but my favorite detail is definitely the swoosh.  The swoosh and the inside sockliner both consist of a unique gold beer color pattern printed with bubbles and drops of condensation…as if to mimic a nice cold glass of Miller High Life.  Two of the greatest things on earth, beer and sneakers…can it get any better than this?   These exclusive quickstrike sneakers are extremely limited, so you will be lucky to own a pair of these bad boys.  Check out the following Nike SB Miller High Life dunks for sale through these eBay auctions below:

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