Eric Koston On Nike SB

John June 18, 2009 0

Warning!  This post has to do with skateboarding and skateboarding news…not so much about the sneakers this time.  Eric Koston, who has probably been everybody’s favorite skater at some point in time, last week officially announced who his newest shoe sponsor would be after leaving Lakai…and it is Nike SB Footwear.  Koston will join the team with many of my already favorite skaters, BRIAN ANDERSON, STEFAN JANOSKI, CHET CHILDRESS, homestate hero JUSTIN BROCK.  Here is what Koston officially said about this new relationship:

“Not only am I psyched to be a part of the great group of guys that makes up the Nike SB team, but I’m equally as excited to work with them creatively. I’m sure many people know that a lot of different Nike’s have been the inspiration for my shoe designs over the last 12 years, so I feel like a f*cking kid in a candy store when it comes to this partnership between Nike and I.”

I think this news is sick…i’m sure we will see a Koston pro model shoe from Nike SB sometime in the near future, so you better believe we will be keeping up on that news front.  So, once again, KOSTON ON NIKE…we now return you to your regular sneaker specific news, thank you.

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