Nike Air Trainer III, Transformer Edition

John June 27, 2009 0

Check out these samples of the Nike Air Trainer III, Transformers Autobot edition.  These sneakers are pretty sick, especially if you are a big Transformers fan.  These shoes were originally supposed to be released back in 2007 when the first Transformers live action movie was released.  That would have been great and all, but apparently there were some legal issues with having the Autobot logo on the tongue…and that is a big shame because that is one of the sickest parts of this sneaker.  But fear not Transformers fans.  Because a sample of this sneaker was made, it is still out there somewhere…and it is right here, on eBay.  If you are a size 9 and willing to spend a pretty big penny, than these super rare and super tight sneakers can be all yours…warning though, you will probably be bidding against some pretty determined Transformer’s fans.  Check out these Nike Air Trainer III Transformer sneakers for sale through eBay below, and good luck.

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