Nike SB Toxic Avenger Dunk Low

John June 10, 2009 0

Check out these pictures of some samples of one of the new Nike Dunk Lows that could be out in the near future…these are the Nike SB Dunk low Toxic Avenger.  These sneakers are inspired by the famous film The Toxic Avenger, which was a pretty tight movie.  The sides of the sneaker have a little insignia written right above the red swoosh…it is unclear as to whether it is pro snowboarder Gigi Rüf’s insignia on the sneaker.  It could be foreshadowing of the future or present for the newest rider for Nike Snowboarding.  Anyways, these are pretty dope sneakers…looks to be mostly leather with a light and dark brown side panel with a bright red Swoosh going through both browns.  The heel has a nice bright yellow  that goes along with the rim of the tongue.  But the best part is perhaps the sole which is a bright yellow and neon green which is truly signature of that slimy superhero we all love.  Look out for more info on these shoes soon.

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