Supra Footwear, The Skytop II

John June 1, 2009 0

It seems like I am always talking about Supra Footwear on here…thats because I usually am.  It is definitely one of my favorite brands out there…I really like how they hype up their sneakers that are about to be dropped…perfect example, The Supra Society, from Terry Kennedy.  Next on the agenda is the Muska Skytop II.  With the hype that came with the first Supra Skytop (2008 Sneaker of the Year), we can only expect madness and a frenzy once these bad boys are dropped.  Supra isn’t releasing any information about these high profile shoes.  All they are saying at this point is that there will be a preview at Agenda July 2009…but this is a viewing only…in fact they are not allowing cameras, cell phones or bags in the secure viewing area.  They are really taking this secrecy thing as far as possible.  This shoe drops in Spring 2010, so only about one more year to wait.  Supra all the way.

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