Supra’s Cody Mcentire Bigspins Wallenberg

John June 16, 2009 1

I dont know how many of you guys that check out the site are actually into skateboarding, or just into the sneakers that come out of it…but a few weeks ago, Thrasher magazine put on the 2nd Wallenberg contest out in San Francisco.  For those of you who don’t know what Wallenberg is, it is a huge 4 stair gap that has had only a few tricks go down it…before this year’s contest, the only tricks to go down this gap have been kicklip, frontside flip, backside flip, 360 flip, switch backside 180, heelflip, and a pop shuvit…i think thats all, but after this years, a slew of new tricks were thrown down, including a backside 360, backside heelflip, switch frontside flip, backside 180 one foot, airwalk, and one of the hardest tricks (in my opinion) the backside bigspin, which was done by Supra Footwear rider, Cody Mcentire.  It was truly sick.  I know this isn’t about new sneakers that are about to drop, but I think its real sick and I think people should check this out…this is a video from Supra talking to Cody about the monumental trick.

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