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John July 25, 2010 0

shuttle bag

Check out one of the newest bags to be released from Nike SB, this is the Shuttle Bag.  Recently, Nike Skateboarding released a whole new line of backpacks and bags…we’ll go through each one this week, but today we are starting with the Shuttle.  This is a super deluxe and super nice bag to travel with.  It comes in black and features a convertible strap system which allows it to carry two complete boards and two extra decks…which is pretty amazing.  I’ve seen bags that hold maybe one complete, but wasn’t really very comfortable to carry…this one holds two, and one board allows the bag to roll, making it easier to travel with.  This bag also features a removable shaving kit and laptop compartment, so it can fulfill the needs of a dirty skater kid, or a suped up business man who actually cares enough to shave.  The amount of organization and stash pockets in this bag is pretty amazing…no more throwing all your shirts, socks and underwear in your backpack and calling it a day…this baby makes it like you are traveling with your organized droors and shelves…if you actually had organized droors and shelves.  Oh well, this bag is super heavy duty and nicely made, definitely give this bag a closer look.  Check out these Nike SB Shuttle Bags for sale below through the following eBay auctions.

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nike sb shuttle bag

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