Nike SB Blazer “Low End Theory”

John August 30, 2011 0
These are the Nike SB Blazer High Low End Theory sneakers which is one of the sickest Nike Blazer Highs I have ever seen.  These sneakers are inspired by one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time from one of the sickest hip-hop groups of all time, A Tribe Called Quest…and obviously paying homage to the album “Low End Theory.”  Not only is the concept of the sneaker amazing, but so is the overall look of it.
The black, red and green uppers perfectly reflect the sentiment of A Tribe Called Quest’s album cover for “Low End Theory.”  The black suede upper features printed tonal black swirls.  The red swoosh represents the girl on the cover of the album and the green laces and font on the tonuge match up with the font on the album…pretty sick idea if you ask me.  You gotta love the hip-hop inspired SBs.
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