Mountain x Stecyk Short Film

John October 22, 2008 0

Along with the release of the limited edition Lance Mountain x Craig Stecyk Blazer, the two have also collaborated to release a book entitled Roadsigns. This book was released the same day as the sneaker and aims to look at and capture the creative relationship between the two artists. Also, the two have come together along with master filmer, Jon Humphries to create this short film/promo for the book and special edition Blazer.

“Since both Lance Mountain and Craig Stecyk are big fans of the Blazer and since they have a history of working together, we figured it couldnt hurt to see if they wanted to collaborate again. But asking them to simply color up a shoe would be a doing a disservice to the skaters of the world. What started with a simple conversation over a year ago between old friends grew into a project that includes some of Craigs original artwork, a zine, a short film and of course the actual footwear and apparel that they worked on. Needless to say, the whole process has been a real treat to witness. And as fans of both Lance and Craig, we hope that all of you enjoy the outcome as much as we do.”

-Kevin Imamura, NIke Skateboarding

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