New Supra ‘G-State’ Skytop

John October 17, 2008 0

Feast your eyes upon the newest colorway to be released from Supra, the G-State Skytop. This newest colorway consists of a combination of dark blue, red and yellow in honor of the Golden State.

Here is a more in depth explanation of the meaning behind the sneaker, directly from Supra.

“The G-State Skytop is for all the Supra Heads that live in the Bay. We got the inspiration for this colorway watching Baron Davis play ball with Golden State Warriors. I guess word got back to Baron on how big of fans we were, and come to find out he also has one of the biggest Supra collections out there–we were kinda psyched. Hopefully you will see us court-side this season since he is playing for the Clippers now, which is a little closer than the Oracle Arena.”

Quantities are extremely limited, so keep an eye out for the Supra G-State here.

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