Nike SB Quickstrike – Roller Derby Dunk

John October 12, 2011 0

Here is another one of those Quickstrike Dunks that is going to be a huge collector’s item…you’re going to see dudes camped out for these bad boys just like they did with the Space jam Dunks and the Cheech and Chongs…this is the Nike SB “Roller Derby” Dunk Low Premium that is going to be available through most Nike SB dealers this Saturday, October 15th…there is a lot of buzz about these so if you are trying to get them without paying out the ass on eBay, I suggest getting lined up soon.

This Quickstrike Dunk is definitely unique (pretty much all Dunks are at this point), but this one really stands out from others in the past.  For this sneaker, Nike SB teamed up with Made For Skate to create an image inspired by old school roller derby boards.  The Roller Derby Dunks feature a red and white colorway with embossed woodgrain and cackle patterns.  One of my favorite details of thsi sneakers is definitely the #10 embroidery on the front of the shoe.  The heel is also really sick…it has the word “skate” on the left shoe and “board” on the right shoe…really letting people know what the SB in Nike SB stands for.

To top it off, the insole has a picture of a girl riding an old roller derby deck…looks really cool.  Might be awhile for these to show up on eBay, but keep your eyes peeled…they should pop up right here as soon as they’re available for sale.

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