So You Want to be a Sneakerhead?

John October 25, 2008 0

Sneakers, sneakers, sneakers. Today sneakers are becoming more and more popular. You see them on tv, hear about them in songs and probably see a few people on the streets in crazy, outrageous shoes every now and then. You decide you want to pick up some shoes like this, but where do you go? You check out the mall and they have a few things here and there, but nothing spectacular…nothing that will set you apart from everyone else. You need something hard to find, something exclusive and limited. You are on your way to becoming what others call, a Sneakerhead.

Wikipedia defines a sneakerhead as a person who owns multiple pairs of shoes as a form of collection and fashion. It is often manifested by the use of shoes primarily made for sports, such as tennis, basketball, and more recently skateboarding, as normal everyday clothing. The boom of signature basketball shoes in the late 1980s provided the sheer variety necessary for a collecting subculture, while the Hip-Hop movement gave the sneakers their street value as status symbols.

So, now that you know what a Sneakerhead is, get to work on becoming one!! Purchase your first pair of kicks…show them off, or keep them fresh in the box as collectors items and sell them someday for twice or maybe even three or four times what you originally paid. Get your exclusive sneaker collection started on sneaker-supply.

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