Heaven’s Gate Dunk SB

John November 9, 2008 1

I have personally been waiting a long time for these sneakers. I remember seeing these as a sample a while ago when the NIke SB rep came through town to show our local shop the new samples. The project got shut down for some reason and the sneakers never hit the market in the fall 2008 season as they were originally supposed to. These sneakers take inspiration from the Heaven’s Gate Cult, which was a religious group that became famous for their mass suicide of 38 members in 1997. All 38 members were found dead wearing the same outfits and same brand new pair of Nikes. I thought this was an interesting release and a pretty sick colorway. Pictured to the right are the angles of this super limited dunk. The colors are Varsity purple, black and white.

I’m not sure if these will ever make it through to retailers or be officially released, but your best bet is finding a pair through ebay. Look out for them in the Nike Dunk section of our store.

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