Vans x Skatepark of Tampa – Half Cab

John November 17, 2008 1

Every true skater out there has heard of and knows the important history behind the Skatepark of Tampa. Vans isn’t the first company to pay respects to the legendary park; Earlier this year, Nike released the “SPOT Moat” Dunk Hi’s which reference to the muddy waters that surrounds the park and also where they hold the infamous moat race every year at the Tampa Pro. Vans honors the guys at SPOT this time with a Half-Cab in their signature colors. This sneaker is mostly suede, with hints of faux-croc in the side panels. There is also a “93” on the inside of the tounge to commemorate the 15 year anniversary of the Skatepark of Tampa. Be sure to pick up these Vans X Skatepark of Tampa Half Cabs in the sneaker store, these are going to be hot this holiday season.

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